Monitoring data usage of devices connected to LAN

I have a premium license on a laptop connected to a home LAN where approx 10-15 devices are connected (mobiles, laptops, printer, TVs)

How can i monitor each device data usage?
From network scanner I only can see the devices LAN IP, but not the data usage, from traffic monitor I see the apps that generated it but not from which IP.

I need to monitor data usage from specific devices.


Hello, I don’t think you can with GW, but if you want to monitor each device you will have to download Wireshark to do that. I monitor my Galaxy A50 and my Laptop with Wireshark because I can’t do it with GW. Hope that helps. :grinning:

What router are you using?

If it’s an ASUS based router, check out Merlin’s firmware. His firmware is an improvement over stock, powerful, efficient, and allows mods such as what you would benefit from - a bandwidth monitor.