Monitoring latency and packet loss

Can GlassWire monitor and graph latency and packet loss? I would love to keep records of my ISP’s reliability over time.


Our team has discussed adding this functionality, but if I understand correctly it could only really measure the latency/packet lost between your PC and one host. You would pick one host in GlassWire then choose “graph latency” and then it would show the latency between your computer and that single host.

I don’t believe there is a reliable way to check overall latency with all hosts, because each host will have different latency. For example may have temporary network issues while is fine, so if we were constantly monitoring latency GlassWire might say you were having issues but really you’d only be having issues with the one host having network issues.

I would like to see this function if it is ever available.
The chosen external host would be my ISP.

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I’m not sure if we could auto-detect your ISP or not. I would have to look into that.

Does that mean using my router as the target won’t work here?
Excuse my ignorance but I’m not a network boffin. :slight_smile:


I think checking your router would just check your local network so it would not check latency or packet loss.

Oh, yes. That makes perfect sense.
I was given one of those “White Boxes” from Sam Knows by the Australian ACCC.
They use this for testing our NBN functionality.
I assume the latency and packet loss tests are back to their home base?
Using their IP wouldn’t help? (Yes. I’d need their permission for use.)

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I’m not sure how their system works, but most likely.