Monitoring network from one PC

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I am a little bit stupid with this software now. How to I remotely monitor all connected devices on the company network, including wireless devices, for example, the IP of a workstation is 10.x.x.x and I want to see the activity of that specific device?

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GlassWire is an endpoint monitor that focuses on Android/Windows.

You can monitor another Windows PC remotely.

Our “Things” tab shows all the devices on your network and lets you know when a new unknown device joins.

Thank you for the information. So, in other words, I have to install glasswire on each and every pc that is being used on the network? Also, if I go to the “Things” tab, only devices connected to the DHCP server is listed and not the devices with static IP’s?


GlassWire breaks down network usage in detail by traffic, app, host, so yes you’d need to install it on the PCs where you would want these details.

If you just want to know what devices are online you can just use GlassWire’s “Things” tab, and you don’t have to install anything on other PCs.

GlassWire lists devices with static IP addresses. Is it possible those devices are on a guest network, or you are on a guest network that’s segmented from them? GlassWire can’t see devices on segmented networks that GlassWire itself cannot access due to segmentation. For example a “guest” network.

No, I am not on a guest network. My company is using a private network, IP range is 10.0.x.x. If I understand correctly, it should be on public then?

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Yes, I think it should. If it is not please email us details and we’ll see what’s going on.

Press the “Scan” button under “Things”.

Go to GlassWire’s General settings for automatic scanning.

I figured out why the IP’s weren’e showing. My laptop was on DHCP and not static. I set my static IP and all static IP’s is showing. Now I am just going to add the DHCP server IP range to be able to monitor those as well.

Thank you for the assistance and if I come across more problems, I will contact you.

When I tried to create a connection between the network and the monitoring service suddenly router shows connection failed with error 651 and the connection could not be created. Please help me with a proper guide so that I can fix it.


Maybe I’m misunderstanding something but GlassWire cannot interface with routers. It appears this error is related to your router and not GlassWire and GlassWire is technically unable to interface with a router and cause this error “651”.

We don’t use an error system like this, so it doesn’t appear to be a GlassWire error.