Monitoring Remote Linux Server..?


I’ve just bought Glasswire and I’ve got a couple of remote Linux Boxes that I’d like to monitor from my Main Windows PC.

Is this possible? Is there a client that I can run on these remote servers to get info?




We have no Linux version yet but we hope to add it someday after Mac.

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Great thanks for the answer. I think it would be a popular move. More and more people are starting to use Linux

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Has there been any updates on this? I would like a Linux version I can install via CLI and there doesn’t appear to be anything on the site.

No, sorry. We have no Linux version of GlassWire at this time.

Are there any updates here? I also have some linux servers I’d like to be able to monitor with Glasswire

Welcome Aboard! They don’t have anything for Linux yet but hope to have it in the future soon! :grinning:

Alright, I look forward to it!

I can see it being useful to a lot of people, even if its just a remote client.

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