Monitoring usage of other devices on network

Living out in the bush we have a very limited satellite internet plan with only 65GB peak and 85 off-peak (1am - 7am). I downloaded GlassWire as I thought I would be able to monitor the internet data usage of not only my computer, but others on our wifi network, namely my four children who like to use the internet. We seem to exceed our data every month and I just want to know where it is going as when asked, everyone thinks it is not them using the data.

But it appears that I can only monitor the data usage on the computer where I have installed GlassWire. Is that correct? Or does internal data refer to my computer and external data refer to other devices on the same wifi network?

Also I was using the free version, but paid for the Basic plan as I wanted to unlock the Network tab to see other devices on the network. But I can only see the IP/DNS addresses and not the actually name of the device, e.g. So-and-So’s iPhone.

Can anyone enlighten me on whether and how GlassWire can actually monitor the usage of other devices on the network and how can I identify the devices?

Thanks heaps.

Thank you for trying GlassWire.

GlassWire can monitor the data of any device it’s installed on, so you should be able to monitor the PC of your children if they use Windows by using our remote monitoring feature

It’s correct GlassWire can’t see the network usage of the other devices on the network.

One of my relatives also has a satellite Internet plan and they use GlassWire to block apps they don’t need to have network access during the day, then unblock them at night to get updates. You can also go to GlassWire’s settings and use our “bandwidth overage monitor” feature to get notified once you get close to hitting a certain limit.

We just released an update of GlassWire yesterday that allows you to label the devices however you want, so you can call them “so and so’s phone” as you suggest.


First of all, please update to the current release of Glasswire 1.2.70. This will allow you to label your various devices for better identification.

As far as your original question – you get a whole 65GB of data?!! How can that not be enough? My max is current 10GB before overages kick in! :<)

Absolutely just kidding! :<) But I do want you to understand that you CAN definitely do what you want with Glasswire. My wife is the data hog in our family. And we found that our various Samsung android devices download a continuous 1GB or more almost daily. Add in Microsoft trying to drop down 3 or more GB on occasion, and I have a very risky and potential costly situation.

You can easily do what you want with Basic for up to 3 other PCs. Just setup Remote Monitoring for each. That will add a small graph icon for each remote machine to your Glasswire window. When you click on a remote monitor graph, it makes that machine active in the Glasswire window of you primary machine (Glasswire client). You can use all Glasswire tabs and functions (including traffic monitoring) on each remote system. So for example, in Usage, if you set the period for Day (as I do), click first on the mini-graph tab for the machine you want to see, then click on Usage, you will see how much usage (data) that remote machine has used thus far for the day. And of course, by changing the period monitored you and see the historical usage. There is much more you can do withing this data monitoring activity (which app is driving that kid’s massive data usage, etc.), but the first thing is to get Remote Monitoring functioning.

As you have four children and only 3 Remote Monitors, if they all have a computer, one option would be to rework you Remote Monitor setup to include the three that you find are heavy users and trust to the fourth staying low. OR you could set up Remote Monitoring on one of those remote machines and use it to monitor that different 4th machine as needed. Or upgrade, your choice.

Good luck and let us know if you have questions or problems.

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Thanks for the advice. The new version of GlassWire has some glitches apparently so is not available at the moment.

In the meantime I have tried to set up a remote connection to one of the devices on the network (the main user of data). I have entered the IP address correctly and the administrator password (I assume this is the same password for logging into this forum as I don’t think I have created another password for GlassWire). But I keep getting this message:

Unable to establish connection.
Push the ‘Connect’ button to reconnect.

Have tried this several times to no avail.

Any advice?


You have to setup the password at the computer you want to monitor. This ensures that monitoring is authorized.

You connect to a remote computer through GlassWire menu | Settings | Client tab | Remote Server

You allow connection to a computer through GlassWire menu | Settings | Server tab | Remote Access


What Remah implied is that, no, they “password” requested has nothing to do with the forum pw. You are setting up a unique remote monitoring situation between your two machines. You decide on the pw. I suggest you keep it simple for your own ease.