More customization data plane

I use a data plane with 2 traffic, 36G in day time and 120G in night time, Night time start 2:00 to 7:00.
I don’t want these two mixes together.
I want more than one profile.
I use two sim cards in one device and the second sim has 450G data only from 1:00 am to 11:00 am, Now they three.
How can I manage them?


I have good news. We are working on a MAJOR Android update. It’s a complete redesign of the app both visually, and with a completely new backend.

This new version works with dual sim devices and I have been testing it myself (although I currently only have a single sim device).

We hope to have the update out in the next month or so. I think the feature will go live with the release unless we end up finding some unexpected major technical issue.


I use dual SIMs for data on Android 9 if you want a tester.


If you go to our Google Play official page I believe there is a “Beta” link, and you can join our beta. If you’re in that group you’ll get access to the new version before other people @Remah. Thanks for your offer and we’d appreciate your feedback.

Currently though we have no beta out yet.