More on VPN, GlassWire for Android

Hi I’m sorry for bringing this up again, as I have seen it already talked about here, but I still don’t understand fully.
What I do know is I need a VPN, the type that really works. I have the monthly subscription to GlassWire for Android, so I have all the options.
Running the GlassWire app doesn’t seem like it works like a traditional stand alone VPN, but maybe I’m wrong, maybe it is. Is it??
Before, when running the stand alone VPN, I was able to connect to my works wifi and with the VPN on, and only with the VPN on, I was able to use that wifi connect from work to use Facebook, messenger, whatever. With the VPN off, those apps would not work, they were blocked.
Also, my internet speed with my phone data (not wifi) provider was faster and more consistent with that VPN. Now it’s rocking fast in the early am and crippled at night (not working VPN). I think. ?
Please, is your Android app firewall/VPN working as I need it to, or do I need to get a stand alone VPN like I used to have?
I know this is long and drawn out, sorry, I want to be fully understood and fix my problem ASAP! If I need to buy another app or service on top of this one then so be it, I just need to be told. Please and thank you!!

Hey to add… I just updated the app now I don’t have this option (screen attached).
What does this mean to me? I know I used to be able to toggle it.
Always on VPN “Not supported by this app”


Thanks for using GlassWire! Just to be clear, GlassWire has no monthly subscriptions, only yearly. It’s currently around $4.99 per year on Android.

We use a VPN for blocking, but this is just a local VPN that blocks apps. Google gives no other way for us to make a firewall with Android so we use a local VPN to do this. Android only allows one VPN at a time, so you cannot use our VPN simultaneously with another VPN.

If you want a VPN that hides your IP and send all your data to the VPN companies servers then you should get a classic VPN service. With GlassWire’s firewall VPN on Android you’ll continue to use your own network IP address and we cannot see or monitor any of your data because your data never transverses our servers.