More Understandable App Bandwith Data Calculation

Hi since my help question never was answered I’ll bring up this topic again only this with with a suggestion instread of a question.

First off I use Glasswire as a way to see if I have any listeners to my online stream, by checking how much data my broadcasting encoder and it’s music player is sending out and taking in.

But most I use Glasswire to track what my encoder sends outward. Glasswire enables me access to a hidden world online data tracking center (I think?) where my encoder sends out my stream to my host first then to the internet and Glasswire is installed on my actually streaming computer and it reports back how much data is getting sucked out of my stream world wide (I Assume?)

by somehow by passing my host survalance sistem. for some reason my host cannot see the data comming out of my PC (but Glasswire Can?)

I would like to have less confusing data bandwith tracking options wiith Glasswire for example Glasswire. I Do have the paid version by the way paid in full in January 2023.

and I am somewhat confused about how much data my stream is using or at least if the data getting used and what I am seeing is actual people tuned into my stream I don’t understand how it says in the graph I am using 20/KPS and sometimes 11/KPS or 10KPS, and it says 468.9.KPS in the last 5 minutes and when I move the slider the 468.9/KPS increses in number it is too confunsing.

and then under security tab it says 8/KPS but when I click on my encoders data transfer rate it reads today 2.0/GBPS of data getting used.

Mind you that according to my streaming service provider I have 0 listeners, but if glasswire is telling the truth that probally would not be the cast more like over 125,000 listeners to be exact.

Glasswire’s stastistics are all over the place and tell a different data transfer rate under each and every section of it, it it currently too cunfusing and I would suggest a way to make the app more easier to understand and not play a guess game

here is the former topic it so far has recieved no reply except from myself I need answers on that too


Ok first off hello I am new to this forum but I wanted to ask a few critical questions and maybe offer up some details. I run an IceCAST server that according to my host I get 0 listeneres every single day now, thats right I am paying money for a server and accroding to my hosting software my results are complete empty. I don’t get a single person listenering to my radio staion accoring to my remote hosting software.

But? that is whre Glasswire comes into my life. according to my glasswire data results under graph my Radio Station encoder exhailes data at abotu 468KBS also it says 20KBS so I am a little confusued but sometimes the data graph goes down to 11KBS at night when I assume my auduence is sleeping. and I get consistent spikes I found out that I could have an audience but they must all be using a VPN of somekind, I don’t know for sure. because when I asked Quara if a (live) music server takes up data even with no listeneres I got no answer. I assume DJ’s could use Glasswire to see if they have anybody listening to their broadcast at all like I do. With all the VPN’s people use it’s impossilbe to be sure.

My question is related to this

and I wanted to know if the host attached to my physical server hardrive 's apps are listeners? I mean the encoder is designed to send out data from my player app to the intenert and my player app had 68 hosts attached to it yesterday and aobut 53 the day before and about 51 day before that and I am going by from 12:am to 12am next day not any extensive time period my encoder had about 14 for the most part different on each day.

What I am asking is can Glasswire be used to see if you got any listeners at all? I am running at 11KBS at late at night for the most part and 20KBS, there are always bumps indicated that people might be tuning into and off of but I’m not sure. I have been running some heavy Facebook ad Campaign with positive results since August 2021 when I fist started please let me know. I am trying to see If I got any listeneres at all because my hosting software is failing me

Under security it says my 64kilobit stream is now taking up both 8/KBS and 2.0/GBS on my broadcasting encoders software and sending that data to my host, I assume I have more than 125,000 listeners but I am not sure please clarafy this data with me