Multiple entries of the same .exe

Every time i start eclipse.exe from an external hard drive it creates a new entry in the firewall. The drive always has the same drive letter, the exe does not change…

WHY? And HOW can i prevent this?


Sorry for the issue and thanks for your report. Are you adding/removing the hard drive every time, or is it always connected?

the external drive is removed regularly. it is my portable working drive so this is necessary.

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I will report this issue to our team and see if there is something we can do. Are you in “Click to block” or “Ask to connect” mode?

currently i am using click to block. but it does not really matter. both modes have the same issue


One more question, sorry…

If you go to your Firewall tab and click the icon of that .exe are all the paths exactly the same? If they are different, how are they different? Thanks.

Feel free to click a few and send me screenshots privately if you don’t want to post on the forum to the public. Just click my nickname here and send a private message.



seems to be the same

We have opened a ticket for this issue. Thanks for your report.

thank you. will you reply here when the issue is solved`?

Sure. Also, when we release new versions our change list is here.

It is always possible there is some kind of technical issue with the API we use so this cannot be fixed (due to reasons outside our own control), but I think it’s probably fixable.