Multiple users, one machine, interface problem


I’ve paid for pro and installed on a Win 10 Pro machine. Two of us use the computer, when I login glasswire is in the system tray and works fine. When the other use logs in there is no sign of glasswire. That doesn’t sound too bad, but that user never gets prompted for Click To Connect so lots of connections that should be allowed get blocked and cause confusion.

Is it possible to have glasswire automatically start for all users of a machine, not just the user it was installed under?

Please try installing GlassWire under the secondary account and see if it solves the problem. Since GlassWire uses a driver it requires a separate installation.

I’ve tried that now. All it did was uninstall it from the main user, reinstall the application, and still not start-up when logging in as secondary user.

Sorry for the problem. We have changed how GlassWire’s install process works in the next release that we hope to have out next week. Please upgrade and let us know if that version works better for you.

Cheers, I’ll give it a whirl when it turns up