My GlassWire is broke


This is a fresh install of Windows 11. After doing some configurations, installing some drivers, connecting to internet, updating. Time to install firewall.

I just installed GlassWire Lite 2.3.397 using clean installation. After restarting, I launched it for the first time. It was searching for connection. Then I got the error - service stopped running.

I tried uninstalling. Then doing the exact same clean install. Launched it immediately without restarting. Same error.

I checked on the following services according to FAQ with the following results:

  • WlanSvc (WLan AutoConfig) → Running - Automatic
  • BFE (Base Filtering Engine) → --> Running - Automatic
  • EventLog (Windows Event Log) → Running - Automatic

Also when installing it asks me if I want to set Windows Firewall to default. This is very disturbing because why is it asking that when I am using GlassWire as my firewall? Therefore, I have all possible Windows security disabled. Defender Firewall and Antivirus.

My plan is to install Bitdefender antivirus next. I wanted to install the firewall first, but it is broke. So I plan to just proceed with the antivirus installation while trying to get GlassWire functioning.

Thank you.

glasswire isnt a “firewall” as such… it uses windows firewall & creates rules for windows firewall

What? Can you explain more? I thought it was a firewall replacing Windows Firewall.
I guess that is fine and even a good thing. I don’t mind using Windows Firewall. But it doesn’t seem to function when it comes to alerting me for all outbound processes. So will this help to use it with Windows Firewall? I’m the only IT for system admin and pretty new to it. I just need to be alerted for everything coming in and out. And have the ability to set permissions. Thanks.

glasswire is more a frontend for windows firewall
windows firewall is the protection, glasswire is the gui/frontend for it, when you for example block an app, glasswire creates a rule in windows firewall

so glasswire doesnt replace windows firewall, glasswire is reliant upon it

OK thank you very much. Do you know how to work this? I installed it on my laptop which uses Windows Firewall and also has W11. IDK if I need to do it in GlassWire or if it’s possible in Windows firewall. I just need it to block everything. Then be able to set what I want to let through. Thanks again for the info.

if you have the paid version you can put it in Ask to Connect mode, then every application needing access will prompt you

Oh OK so I will need to get that? I won’t work on the free version?

with the free version you can manually block once things have connected, but if you want “ask to connect” then thats a part of the paid version

Why they do not introduce it with the free version? I mean users will surely appreciate it. I still understand it making money is also necessary for the manufacturers. However, help should be provided for users facing installation problems.