My GLASSWIRE will not connect

Yesterday, it seemed my computers drive was running all day. I assumed it was “updating”. Today, when I woke the computer, Glasswire was “disconnected”, and when I try to re-connect, it will not.
I recently updated to Windows 10.
If I “uninstall” GLASSWIRE, and reinstall it, do I have to use an “activation” key, because I DO NOT have mine…I deleted the email, sorry.
I assume if I do not “deactivate” it, it should reinstall and run, right?
Please Advise.

Please uninstall GlassWire, then go to your “ProgramData” folder and delete the “GlassWire” folder (which will delete your data) then reboot and reinstall our latest version.

Email us with the email address you used to order and I’ll resend your key today.

I attempted to email from the link you sent and it ask what “app” I want to use, wtf?
Please send product key to this email: REMOVED BY ADMIN

I emailed your activation code, thank you.