Mystery entry in the 'Things' tab, what is "Dish Technologies Corp" on my network?

Hello. I have this ‘unknown’ entry under the ‘Things’ Icon in GW. It says " Dish Technologies Corp " It has appeared there a couple of times over the last two weeks or so. It’s ISP number is a part of my private network.

Could this somehow be an app for viewing DISH Network programs on my PC? If so, how do I remove it, if that’s possible?

The other entries under ‘things’ are " HUGHES NETWORK SYSTEMS " (my satellite ISP provider), Hewlett Packard (my PC?), and TP-LINK TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD which probably is my Wi-Fi network from the satellite modem.

Any suggestions? Do I just leave it alone? I have no need to view Dish Network on my PC, nor will I ever.
Tom F.

The Dish details are for a device, not an app. It sounds like it is Dish device such as a Satellite TV receiver/recorder.

GlassWire’s Things view only lists devices connected to your network. So the Things view doesn’t list apps.

The other views are where you find lists of apps: Graph, Usage or Firewall.

Do you have a SlingTV? I did some searching online and learned they show up as “Dish Technologies Corp”.

Hello. I now believe that, with the help and suggestions I got here, that I’ve figured it out. I do have a DISH Network receiver / DVR that’s connected to the I-net via the same connection on my local network that I use for my PC, and a WiFi network.

Thanks for the clarification on the GW ‘Things’ tab. The ‘Dish’ entry is for a receiver/DVR that is on my local network and that connects to the I-net. This device does not interact with my computers.
Tom F.