Need help with Firewall

Hi, I have my Firewall setting set to Ask to Connect. The program I’m running asks to connect I click on Allow but it still blocks part of the connection.

Now if I set the firewall to click to block or have the firewall trend off the app works just fine.

Is there a way to whitelist an application? Is there a way to get it to work with asks to connect? As I need the other new programs to ask me to connect… All other programs so far work with asks to connect but not this one.

I did try removing the application from the firewall list then restarting the app in question and allowing it but its still blocking it when on ask to connect.

Sorry for the issue.

Is this a Windows Store app or game you are having issues with?

its not a windows store app. it’s from here tunnelling program for gaming servers.

@Ken_GlassWire bump is there a fix?


If you look at the network activity when you’re using that app (when in “click to block”), is the data going through the actual app or something like Edge/IE instead? Sometimes some Windows apps are just a part of Edge/IE, so the data is actually going through that browser. To solve the issue you should unblock Edge/IE.