Need Monthly Data SIM Reset Usage from Start Date

Suspecting a data leak on my win10 laptop I installed Glasswire last month to see if it was the source of the problem. It wasn’t but now I’m in a new month I can’t reset the the usage measurement. Networkx caters for metered connections by allowing a month start date to be set as well as the Gigabyte size to be used. The same applies to Win10 app Data Usage Pro. Neither of the latter are as feature rich as Glasswire.

Why havn’t you already included this feature when your competitors have?

We are redesigning this feature completely and an update will be made in the future. Sorry for the problem.

I also would like to reset the start date for data usage monitoring because I am on a monthly metered connection. The start date for the month does not coincide with the calendar months. Is there a way to reset Glasswire monitoring to begin anew each month?


If you’re talking about Windows go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “settings” then click “security” then click “bandwidth overage monitor” and it should do what you want.

THANKS! That worked great.