Need more information about the "Incognito" mode for v2 and v3 of GlassWire

In the GlassWire v2 and v3, I was wondering when we add some apps to the “Incognito” list does it blocks them from being logged at all? The Documentation is lacking information on the logged local and (for v3) cloud data with the Incognito mode. The user guide says:

“Incognito” mode causes GlassWire to no longer save a record of your network activity on the graph. It works similar to the Incognito mode in most modern web browsers where GlassWire does not keep a record of your network activity on the graph. You can also make any application Incognito, for example any web browser. Go to GlassWire’s Security tab then click the app icon you want to be Incognito, then choose “More” then “Add to Incognito” ."

Source: GlassWire user guide and manual

It clearly says “does not keep a record of your network activity on the graph”. I understand “on the graph” but is it still being logged in a file/ or database for version 2 and version 3?

As for version 3 is the data for the apps added to the Incognito list being logged and sent to GlassWire (Securemix LLC, Domotz Inc, etc) Cloud(s) at all?

I would love to have more information about the Incognito mode for v2 and v3 of GlassWire.

Bump, I’m still looking for an answer from the GlassWire team.

Hi raykai
All i know is Under Usage (TAB) that Incognito does not record-log “App, Hosts, Traffic Type”
You could test this yourself by adding a browser as an example. This is v2 i am talking about.
V3 should be the same, but i don’t use it for my won reasons. Hope this clarifies things somewhat.