Network access blocked - Still shows usage

I installed the android app still using the unpaid version at this time. Inside the app the list of phone apps I clicked on each one and the first setting is - Firewall - click on to change from - network access allowed / network access blocked. This was two days ago. As of today all the apps I have blocked (whick is nearly all of them) are showing activity every day including so far today. We are talking 20 - 200 kb per day.

Why is there any at all?


If our firewall is on and the app is blocked it should have no significant data. We do however show a warning that when you turn on the firewall you may get “new” notifications for some apps, but that data is blackholed into our firewall local VPN and it never leaves your device.

Do you see a key icon at the top of your screen? Are you using another VPN simultaneously with ours? What’s your phone type?

Not sure how to respond to some of this;

I have “firewall network access blocked” on a per-app basis - per my op above. As stated I am still using the free version which only allows certain firewall functions, I am sure you are aware.

I don;t know about your “significant data” I outlined above what was being displayed (and continues to be displayed today.)

Not sure about your “new notifications” I have all the glasswire alerts turned on (except data limits) but have never actually seen any.

I don’t know anything about any glasswire vpn. I am using a vpn. I didn’t know glasswire even has one and I don’t see settings for one.

I am using the android glasswire app. Nevertheless you might not be the best person to address this issue is there someone else more familiar?

GlassWire for Android uses a VPN to block. Android only allows one VPN in use simultaneously. If you are using anther VPN then GlassWire’s firewall is off and not blocking anything unfortunately.

If GlassWire’s firewall VPN is running go to the firewall screen and you should see it set to “On” and you should have a key icon at the top of your phone notification area.

We’re investigating adding a way to use a third party VPN with our application in the future. So you could sign up with something like PIA, then use its credentials with GlassWire but this is still under development.

I find nothing on the glasswire website / help features that refers to the glasswire firewall as a “vpn” - how did you come up with this?

You continue to push a discussion about me using Glasswire Firewall / Glasswire VPN. I have stated twice (three times now) I am using the free version of the android app; FYI - this does not permit “full firewall”, or the “glasswire vpn.”

Thanks for your efforts.

Blocking is a paid feature. You are not blocking anything because the GlassWire firewall is set to “Off”. To block apps with GlassWire you can use the free trial or buy the firewall through Google Play.

Details on how to use the app are here.

Thanks for your assistance, Ken.