Network Activity Context

This is a minor complaint/suggestion. The network activity graph is cool. However, it isn’t really all that informative. In the GlassWire desktop app, you have two horizontal lines. The top one is labeled with a bandwidth number. It would be helpful if the other one is labeled as well.

Also, the mini graph is completely useless without any kind of understanding of bandwidth presented. I have seen it where there is one large peak, and the rest are really small. When the large peak disappears to the left, suddenly I have large numbers of large peaks. Without some understanding as to what these peaks mean, the graph is pointless.

I propose that you have a number in the upper right hand or left hand corner of the graphs (including the mini graph) indicating the upload and download bandwidth consumed at that moment as the graph indicates - only for the the extreme right hand side, not for all peaks. I used to have a desktop gadget that did that - very handy. This added functionality will make the graphs much more understandable and give context to their meaning.


Thanks for your feedback. We hope to improve GlassWire’s graph in the future, meanwhile you can review this article that explains our scaling and may answer some of your questions.

Thank you for the graph scaling article. It does help. However it does not answer the issue of knowing exactly the bandwidth consumed on an ongoing basis and there is nothing on the mini graph. I mentioned I had a gadget that I used. I took a screen shot of the area that I would like to see. I don’t need the bars (or the graph obviously), but the numbers would be nice:

I am not trying to be difficult, I don’t think I was clear enough in my previous post. I think the product is great. It has maturing to do, but everything starts out that way.