Network Monitoring

Hello awesome people at Glasswire,
Cool Product.
From my quick observations, this only monitors client side.
It would be really cool if you could offer a method to monitor a network.
for example a GFW Glasswire FireWall, (Modem - GFW - internal network.
and it would be even more awesome if the GFW could display what is going on, on client machines.
This would move your product from a client side only to a more robust usable product for a whole network environment providing a centralized point of monitoring rather then an individual client side.

There are lots of tools out there that do this, i know, but none of them with the nice easy to understand visuals and info that your product provides.

Its really nice.



Thanks for your feedback.

We are investigating the best way to monitor the entire network that uses reliable secure standards, and that will work with the most common types of hardware. It seems a bit complex!

Yes. You mention seeing why your network is slowing down “has someone else joined” joining matters less than the traffic too/from a device. Maybe someone is streaming or file-sharing, or…