"Network" not showing devices

On the GLASSWIRE “network” it shows my router, cell phone & printer, but my smart t.v. and laptop are NOT on the list.
I shut the printer and cell off, and reactivated GLASSWIRE, and it only shows my cell and router…were is my laptop.
I have the 6 month, basic GLASSWIRE, just to test it.

Not displaying your laptop (the Glasswire client) is an issue with the current release. Glasswire is working on a significant new level that will have an improved Network display.

The tv not showing may be another issue or it may be the manner in which it is connected into your network. I don’t see mine when it is in “standby”, but it does show when I turn it “on”. Other devices have issues in the display if they are connected to a wireless extender for example.

Basically, I’m waiting for the new version before I try to report more issues.

My Smart T.V. is hooked to my laptop via: an HDMI cable, because of a 2TB H.D., that the T.V. has a hard time reading, so I hook it to the laptop, and the laptop to the T.V. via: HDMI…it’s faster. Plus, it also allows me to do things on the laptop, and watch t.v. and I can switch easier.

That means that the TV is a device connected to the laptop, not a device connected to the network. Are you using the “smart” tv to connect to the internet or, just the laptop? If you are connecting directly to the internet, the the tv has an ip address. What is that address. Is it in the router’s subnet? As with devices on my wifi extender, I expect that devices which are not directly connected to the router via wife or e-net will not be discovered. Should they be? Possibly, but I’ve noticed that even Netgear Genie does not properly discover devices on my extender even though the extender is a Netgear device.

Connect your tv to the router and I expect it would be discovered by Glasswire – but that does not appear to be a configuration that you want.

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is there already a fix for this issue?
glasswire shows three devices and nmap shows 9 devices connected

cypher, would you please explain your issue further? – perhaps open a new thread because I your problem may not be the same.

Please let us know what release of Glasswire your are using (click on Glasswire > About in the upper left). In addition, it looks like you are a new user, please try to reboot your machine if you have not. Also you may want to wait 24 hours to verify that all your devices have been detected.

Note that Glasswire will only detect devices in the subnet to which you computer is connected. That is the issue discussed in this thread above.

@cypher Can you try rebooting and see if it solves the problem? GlassWire warns that it cannot let you know about all connections without a reboot, but we don’t force it.

I have same problem. Using test version. Showing wired LAN connections only. No wireless clients. I don’t have a separate wireless network- just using a wireless router

@curlym May I ask what type of router? If you go to “Network” in Windows can you see the wireless devices there? Thanks.

I just installed the 1.2.57b Basic version, and I appear to have the same problem. I can see two of my wireless devices (tablet and phone) on the Network list, but when I add them as servers (fixed IP addresses through my router) the do not connect. I have re-booted twice. Should the server connect - special passwords to log on, etc.

Please go to www.whatismyip.com with your devices you can’t see, then please try to ping them from your PC and see if you are able to do so. Thanks.

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