Network "polling" issue

This weekend we were visiting relatives and I had my laptop running on another network. Glasswire seemed to work fine although there were various Glasswire Network “unknowns” which I really had no way to identify.

But on returning the laptop to my own network, I notice that Glasswire Network is reporting an unknown device “PK50001Z.PK50001Z”. Googling PK5001Z, I found that it is a router used by Centurylink – the provider of the network I used this past weekend. No other “foreign” devices are reported, but apparently Glasswire has a problem with its polling or whatever procedure is used to determine Network devices.

At the very least, Glasswire has always been slow to poll and update the Network table with devices added to the network. It is even slower to remove devices when they are no longer on the network. And the above report shows that it is not removing devices from “foreign” networks even when the Glasswire client is no longer connected to that network.

Whatever procedure such as “polling” that Glasswire uses to determine connected network devices needs to be speeded up, it needs to clean up and it needs improvement in identifying remote devices. The above PK device id is so-so ok, but it would be useful to report that it is a router and to provide more about the router such as the network type (Centurylink, private, etc.). The Netgear router on my home network is subnet to an unreported router and gateway to Verizon (which I think should be reported). It is only identified as “”, Unknown. “” is the network name alias that Netgear uses to allow browser access to the router. Lots of improvement needed there.

I have also brought up previously (and others have reported) that neither the machine on which the Glasswire client is running, nor the gateway, nor other network devices such as network extenders are discovered or reported in the Network display. I don’t have a formal bridge on my network, but I have to wonder if one would be discovered or reported.


Thank you for this report. We plan to make significant improvements in device detection in future updates.

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Sure, I understand. Better to have these reports now than wait to find out minor glitches after a new version is released.

What I would want is all the information I can get about the network my systems operate within – that includes and stops with the gateway if appropriate. Whether the Network display stays as a table or becomes a graphic display, the main thing is that all devices are detected with ip address. Identification is next most important and as part of that, it would be helpful if one or two custom user fields can be made available. Netgear Genie, for example, has a “Modify” button on the individual device display. That allows for potentially two customizations. For device, if it cannot determine what the device is (printer, router, PC, tablet, etc.) it has a dropdown which allow replacement of the default “Network Device”. A further option allows a “Custom Name”. The result is that when I look at my Network Map, I see an icon for the device and the name that is either detected (for example, computername) or my Custom Name.

(I use Netgear Genie a lot in my examples as it is a great app, but it definitely needs update and improvement also. That’s what the software business is all about. Genie is a router manager designed for the Netgear routers. It reports relevant network info, but it does not attempt to be a Glasswire.)

I didn’t want to create a separate topic for my issue which is related to many of these topics about the Network view not “polling” the correct information even if I exit GlassWire and restart it.

My laptop can be connected in three different configurations but GlassWire hardly ever shows the correct configuration.

  • Ethernet adapter
  • a docking station with its own Ethernet adapter
  • WiFi adapter

In the following screenshot you can see how the actual WiFi connection and GlassWire Network view don’t match:

  • IP address incorrect. It should be x.x.x.74 instead of x.x.x.64.
  • MAC address incorrect. It shows the Ethernet adapter in the dock.
  • “WiFi” is correct but not with the Ethernet MAC and IP address. Also “Good Way IND. CO.” is manufacturer of the adapter but not the actual supplier of the device - an issue often reported.

We are working on a major update that makes the “Network” tab update much more frequently and that should solve this problem. Thanks for your report.

Here’s another issue where the Network view is incorrect.

The current network interface is not being picked up:

C:\Users\Me>netsh interface show interface

Admin State State Type Interface Name

Enabled Disconnected Dedicated Ethernet
Enabled Disconnected Dedicated WiFi
Enabled Connected Dedicated Ethernet 2

This is what GlassWire shows for one device that was connected on WiFi but not since I have rebooted my computers several times, installed GlassWire 1.2.68b and cleared all data. It is normally connected on Ethernet (P.S. the generic connection method rather than the specific interface listed above) as is the monitoring computer that displays this:

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I’d like to know what your polling plan is – now and for the future. What I mean is, just ast Ramah sees either “mixed” or “left over” information, I (with 1.2.68) am seeing previous information or “mixed” (info for one connection showing in another – perhaps swapped or just lifted or “drifted” over to another connection. I’ve even seen the Label that I put on one device, associated with another and then changed back again some time later. This isn’t real occasional, it is pretty much the norm in the short time I’ve had 1.2.68. So I’d like to know how you are polling (what schedule, what process, are you storing/retrieving the information, what to expect as I’m waiting for these issues to resolve within this and future test and public releases.

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Here’s an example showing the difference after I restarted my system twice today:

The red X’s indicate incorrect interface details.
The green connected lines show the router details which incorrectly changed to WiFi when it should be Ethernet 2.
The red connected lines show the MA03 computer I used in the bug report above. The interface is incorrectly WiFi when it should be Ethernet 2.

This seems like it’s probably and internal Glasswire problem in which it is unable to properly keep track of the information it collects from polling. I’ve reported that when I switch from one subnet to another, the Device appears to always retain the info from the previous subnet for the alternate router. That holds for quite some time (though I haven’t identified when exactly or the circumstances of when the correct Device is displayed.

If it’s not Glasswire, then potentially there is a variance in how the devices are presenting the information. As an example, I’ve noted that my Netgear router is at time identified as “” and sometimes as “READYSHARE” – both Netgear identifiers. (Interestingly, if I switch to the DSL router, it may identify as either of the above – probably leftover, or as “Netgear”. I don’t think my Netgear R7000 ever is identified as “Netgear”.

While these may not be related to your situation, Remah, these examples are specifically why I needed to have the Label option.

We just sent an update out to the testing list, did you get it?

Ok, no, I was working on providing updated info. I do have 1.2.70 and will update now.