Network Traffic: WAN vs. LAN Recognition

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I have a small inconvenience with the way traffic is counted towards LAN or WAN.

The traffic between my computer and my Synology NAS is partially recognized as WAN-Traffic instead of LAN. Specifically every connection that is made not directly through an internal IP-Address but through a domain name (within my local network!) is recognized as WAN-Traffic and counted towards my country.

Is there a way to manually fix this / to directly associate IP-Adresses or domain names to LAN-Traffic?

Thanks for your help!

(Using a glasswire premium subscription)

Update: after further investigation it seems to only affect IPv6 connections to the domain name. IPv4 seems to be associated to LAN correctly. —- Edit: nope! Also IPv4 is affected.

If I could manually assign only 2 domain names to my local network, this would be fixed :slight_smile:

Hello @Topi41

Thank you for your feedback.

GlassWire doesn’t possess the capability to manually designate domains or IP addresses as local or external. GlassWire relies on predetermined ranges of IP addresses marked as local, and its classification is based on the connection’s IP. There might be an instance where your PC resolves the domain as an external IP, causing GlassWire to categorize it as WAN traffic.

To confirm the IP classification of the traffic passing through the domain marked as WAN, you can utilize GlassWire’s “WAN” filter. Access the relevant host within GlassWire, navigate to the “Hosts” section, and select the specific IP address. This will help you verify whether it’s recognized as a local or external IP:

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