Never prompted to log in (Windows Application

I just purchased a single-use license. When I select “upgrade” in the Windows App, then enter my email, there is a pop-up “Please, enter your password on the web page to continue. The webpage should be opened automatically.”
But it never opens any webpage.
Any idea? Or can someone send me what the URL is?

btw: I am logged into the management console fine. I just need to link the endpoint to my account.,

Hi @kr1982,

Please can you reset the device ID:

  1. Stop GW service via the task manager.
  2. Run regedit.exe and remove CloudDeviceId parameter at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GlassWire
  3. Restart GW service.

If you need further assistance, please email so we can investigate further.


Worked perfectly!
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