New feature Idea / Suggestion

Hello everyone.

First of all, congratulations for making this perfect software that fits exactly all my needs.
Well, almost all my needs.

Here is a feature that would help me a lot :

I use Glasswire mostly to block apps from using bandwidth when I play competitive online games. It prevents ping peaks when i’m playing.
But sometimes, this is not enough : There are some apps that can’t be blocked without impacting the game (e.g. windows svchost.exe, vanguard anti-cheat system…)

Here’s what I came up with : Being able to determine a limit of download/upload for specific apps (like : svchost.exe : 50kbp/s max)

A feature like this would fit very well for people in the same situation :slight_smile:

Thanks for using GlassWire, and thanks for the idea to limit bandwidth per app instead of just blocking them. I will share your feedback with our team.

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Block domain/website in firefox. allow certain connections like little snitch for mac e.g.