New Feature Request - GeoIP Blocking

I would like to suggest a new feature for GlassWire that is the ability to geographically block IPs based on Regional Internet Registries https{:}//en{.}wikipedia{.}org/wiki/Regional_Internet_registry - It would be wonderful to be able to automatically block any/all communications to specific malicious countries like Russia, Syria, North Korea, etc.

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Hi @Ryan303

We agree that this would be a great addition to our feature set. We are working on enriching the firewall feature.


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Hi Katie,

Thanks for the response! I was just playing around with a pfSense virtual machine yesterday and came across that MaxMind allows for free registration for a an API key to their GeoIP database. Might be worth taking a look at them as they’re free for home use. I really look forward to have this ability in GlassWire!


It’s a shame that most all consume grade firewalls lack this kind of feature (and a lot others for that matter). I think GlassWire might be the first software based vendor with GeoIP filtering for home users, that I am aware of.