New Glasswire User

Hello all,
Just got Glasswire Elite a couple days ago. So far, am quite happy with it. This is my first network monitor and it has been very enlightening, to say the least, to see all that is coming in constantly on my network.
Couple things I am not entirely sure about and would like to get some feedback on to help me understand them better.
In the “Things” column, I was a little alarmed to see a couple of items. Two had the IP address of, the other almost identical, I am pretty familiar with IP, but never saw anything beginning with a “10” before, so was a little concerned. Under Info, it says “Unknown” for both. The MAC addresses are virtually the same.
I did a little Googling and found out these type of IP addresses are “private”. I had not been all that familiar with private IPs. I found out these are normally assigned to devices on your local network that you are using(and hopefully not somebody else!). I also did a command prompt of arp-a which also supposedly shows all the items on your network, but this did not show those two aforementioned IPs, and is even more confusing. I know this is not a forum for interpreting command prompt information and will go elsewhere for that. But essentially it shows two Interfaces, one labelled Oxa and Oxd. Also each are listed with different IP addresses, and Under the Oxa are 8 items and under Oxd are only 6 items. Also the top one on each list says “dynamic”, the rest say “static”. This is all over my head. If somebody can make some sense out of this, I’d appreciate it, or we can just stick to the GW stuff, if you prefer.
I also have what I assume is my printer and router listed in the Things section. My computers(2) DO NOT appear in this section, which I considered surprising(normal?)
I also am getting something called Open VPN Daemon. I was puzzled about that. I know Open VPN is another VPN company. I use Express VPN. I initially blocked it, then after further reading saw it is a “part” of the Express VPN operation and unblocked it. Any comment?
I also am getting miscellaneous activity from IPs from various European countries, such as the UK, Israel, Netherlands, France and Germany. I don’t understand what this “stuff” is. Is this normal just to come in because you are on the “world wide web”, or would you be concerned about it, and if so, what would you do about it. It is uncommon but it does come through fairly regularly.
I should mention I have WIFI completely disabled. I want no part of it. I even disabled it totally from my router and on my machines and uninstalled the hardware. I was subject to a nightmare months long severe hack about 3 years ago that I attributed to WIFI. So, I am naturally paranoid about it. I wonder if GW will pick up “WIFI intrusion” with my disabling everything, or even if I did not. I see other products you can get to check and see if anyone is on your WIFI. Can anyone STILL turn on your WIFI even if you disabled it in your router? I hope not, but I assume if they can get to your router and can somehow get in, they could enable it. I just don’t want to go through another hack like that again. I have a LOT of security on my system after that nightmare. I realize nothing is 100%, but I am trying to do all I can to protect myself. I am going to be looking into software to catch stuff BEFORE it hits your router. Any suggestions?
I should have mentioned this earlier. Yesterday something very weird happened. I kept losing my VPN and thus internet. Glasswire kept sending up messages “Expresss VPN Tap Adapter was removed”, followed by the same thing RIGHT AFTER saying it was added. This went on much of last night. I don’t understand what might have caused this. Any ideas/? So far today I have been on the net for about 4 hours and it has yet to come up. Hope it was some sort of a glitch or something.
Last question is about my Firewall. I use Kaspersky Total Security and anti virus and it has its own firewall. I got a message from GW saying that was on, which it was. I was trying to turn GWs Firewall on. I ultimately decided to turn Kasperskys off and turned GWs on. Which would you do? Leave your anti virus firewall on or use GW? Both have their advantages. Hard decision. Thanks for reading my long post and appreciate your time in addressing my concerns.


With the adapter issues, we have made some modification to adapter monitoring with our update.
Please update!

It’s normal to have many different servers and apps interacting with your PC. It’s what makes GlassWire useful and interesting, so you can discover that activity.

You can use GlassWire solely as a network security monitor if you prefer, then use Kaspersky to block as your firewall. It’s up to you. Many people don’t use our firewall feature at all but they just like our monitoring.

For “Things” it’s probably just local IP addresses. I hope that answers your question and thanks for using GlassWire!

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