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I am wondering why my log shows 2 Hitron routers? I only have one and it doesn’t show it on my router dashboard. They have 2 very different mac addresses.

Sorry for the issue.

You said “they have 2 very different mac addresses” but then you say you only have one router. Please explain further so I can understand and help you.

correct, I only possess one router. There are two routers named on my glasswire dashboard. I am still not sure how to read the stats.


Does your router have a guest network, or something like that? Maybe the guest network somehow uses another Mac due to how it works? Just guessing…

Or could your cable/dsl modem be setup as a router also and it’s that?

It’s not normal for our app to show two of the same item with different mac addresses so that’s quite strange.

We’re preparing a MAJOR update of our Things feature that will probably be out before the month is over. It improves the scanning technology and has a new UI, and it should have more details on this for you.

This is a common scenario for people connecting to the router using WiFi. It is very common for routers to have two MAC addresses for each band. So one MAC address for 2.4GHz WiFi and one for 5GHz WiFi.

I appreciate the insight. I purposely have the 5g and guest networks off. It appears the toggle switch for allowing others to connect is being turned on as well. I think my router is being accessed but just not sure how. It doesn’t seem to be accessed remotely. I should mention this is my 4th router install in 3 months. They have all been compromised. Settings and passwords have been changed, networks have been renamed, and I cannot access any type of traffic log on any of these devices. I recently (within last 3 weeks) went back to the original modem/router combo. It is a hightron. I also purchased glass wire. On my router dashboard, the device names don’t match the mac address. My kyocera smartphone and pc usually are labeled as unknown or roku. And, sometimes my cell phone says it’s LAN connected.

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Please be on the lookout for our major “Things” update coming soon. Or join our beta test list to get it sooner.

That’s correct. One MAC address is the BSSID, the Wi-Fi radio. The other address is the router’s MAC.

The BSSID won’t show up in Things or in logs on a PC unless the PC has Wi-Fi, of course.


Looking forward to that!


I will try the troubleshooting suggested. I only have the 2.4g active. It definitely shows 2 of the same router and 2 different MAC addresses. If the BSSID does not show up as a second router, could this be an evil twin scenario?


I doubt it could be an Evil Twin scenario… please be on the lookout for our update coming soon!

Holy Heck, that doesn’t sound good. Reset to factory defaults and change your passwords. Sounds like you might have something malicious on your network. Consider enabling your guest network and adding all IoT (doorbell, TV, Fridge, Phones, etc.) to the guest network. That way, if any of them are compromised, they don’t have access to your primary network. I’ve setup multiple networks in my home. One for my IoT devices, another for my Kids (with enhanced filtering, restrictions and other policies) and a network for my wife and I that’s unfiltered.

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I just thought of something. Are you using a WiFi range extender?

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