New update locked some free features

I just installed the new update and it locked some previously free features such as viewing custom history for data usage. I can only see today’s usage, goes for all data. Is this intended or was it some bug while installing ?I understand it’s only a free version but I have absolutely no use for it. Thanx

Hi @DisappointedUser,

We switched to a Freemium model back in January with the release of v3.2.

The freemium model allows Free users of GlassWire to have access to almost every GlassWire feature, with various limitations and a history of 24 hours.

Security features that Free users can now utilize include:

GlassWire Score - Gain better insight into the safety of the applications running on a PC. See what percentage of users have used a specific app in the past week and be alerted if specious.

Anomaly Detection - Detect and point out anomalies in the network traffic which may look suspicious. See if the average traffic in and traffic out consumption of the applications running is similar to most, and be alerted when it is different.

Firewall - Click to block all network connectivity for specific applications.

Things - See a list of devices on the local network and get alerted when devices join or leave with this network device list feature.