New version of glasswire for PC

when the new version for PC will be available?

glasswire peeps said Tuesday ish

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this week ??? …

next week, aprox 4th

great news …

It’s out now

Version 1.2.100 - (April 4, 2017)

Hash # F3448068ACD6BA33A9B1DC1A1296724B47384F9AB7F0E0715137873F2570F109

Fixed a problem that caused some users with some types of audio drivers to crash.
Fixed some typos for some languages, reported by users.
Fixed a text overlap in the Network tab.
Solved a problem where some users received false host/lmhost file change alerts.
Fixed a problem reported on HackerOne.
Stability and resource usage improvements.
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I think that “new version” means a major version change, i.e. version 2.0, and not another update to version 1.2. :disappointed:

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correct … disappointed

Sorry everyone, I thought you were just talking about the 1.0 update.

So back to the original post:

I don’t like to say because if the project is delayed it will make you all frustrated. Please be assured we’re working hard on it though. Sorry I can’t say more than that!

Perhaps a better question is “When will a beta be available for testing?”

I can’t be any more frustrated than I already am - more than a year later. :cry:

I’ve been moving through Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.

After the initial excitement and anticipation:

  1. :fearful: Denial: “it can’t be late”; “it’s just a temporary delay”; “they’ll get it out soon”
  • :angry: Anger: “why can’t we get the new versions” - “it will fix all these issues we’ve had”

  • :wink: Bargaining: “if only I hadn’t bought it - if I’d only waited” versus “if I’d paid full price rather than getting a discounted price maybe there would be more programmers working on it”

  • :disappointed: Depression: I’ve invested too much time in GlassWire to dump it but it is depressing even having to think about this

    I think that I may have moved into the last phase.

  1. :expressionless: Acceptance: calmness - I just don’t care anymore; thinking about, and preparing myself for, withdrawal.

Joking :grinning:, I know, but there is a lot of truth in there.