New VPN trouble

All of a sudden, after months of a honeymoon relationship with Glassware, I can’t leave the app running anymore, in specific reference to having the VPN on, most of my other apps no long work when GW is running.
Have had the latest update. No changes to speak of.
Strange. Anyone else?
What info do I collect to help you help me?


Sorry for the issue. Please go to the bottom right menu and choose “Send feedback”. This will send us some logs that should help us diagnose and fix the issue for your phone type.

Please also include the notes you included here if possible along with screenshots if you can.

Edit… The update fixed it.
Thank you very much :smiley:

Done! (I meant, it has been done).
Looking forward to help. It’s been a couple days now with no change.

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We released a new Android update yesterday, please give it a try and play with the settings for the VPN.

W10 Famille - 21H1 - 19043.1288 / GW Basic 2.3.343

Maybe I have a vision problem but I did not find “Send for feedback” in the menu.

Is this only available when FW is enabled or for the Android version ?

Can you make a screenshot ? Thank you.

Please go to the bottom right three line menu, then above “Upgrade GlassWire Mobile” it says “Send Feedback”.

Sorry for any confusion.