No response from Customer Support (solved)

I send you an email 2 and a half weeks ago and I still waiting for a response.

¿How long does it takes to get a answer from you?



Currently I am operating the helpdesk and we’re completely caught up on email. Can you please click my name here and send me your message here through the forum?

Please also include what email address you used to email so I can search and see what happened to your email.

Also please check your bulk/spam folder for my response.

I work really hard and I answer all emails, especially emails from customers!!! I agree it’s unacceptable to receive no response and I apologize for the issue.

I can not send you a message.

I get a error that saids: “As a new user you can not send links” or “You can not send a private message to this user”

send me a private message please.

@Eduardo_Marti Please check your messages at the top right of the forum where it has our logo. Got it? Can you respond or are there still issues?