NordVPN + GlassWire


I got this instruction from NordVPN support, in order to make NordVPN work with GlassWire:

If you are using GlassWire and its version is older than 1.2.79 then please update it to the latest.
Afterwards please create a glasswire.conf file with your Notepad application.
Inside the glasswire.conf text file created by Notepad please insert this text.

hostname_enable_nslookup = false

Please move the .conf file to C:\programdata\GlassWire\service
Reboot your PC.
Now the problem should be fixed. This .conf file disables GlassWire host lookups.

What does the community think about this hack? Is this safe?


You could have searched yourself to find out that @Ken_GlassWire has recommended this for 1.2.79 in a topic about “a huge conflict with NordVPN”


Yes, this is safe @Serge_Bajic.

I’m actually facing the same problem. Still even after the creating and placing the .conf file into the required directory.

I downloaded the latest version from this site today, installed it, then NordVPN just stopped connecting to any server. I uninstalled GlassWire, still the problem occurs, I uninstalled NordVPN and installed it back still same issue.
I even changed the DNS to googles but no luck.

I really want to get my VPN back. And I really liked this tool.


Did you restart GlassWire after the change?

Yes, I did!
I did it twice … no luck

Now I’ve downloaded TunnleBear VPN Free, it works fine. But still the problem now in NordVPN is not working at all.

I wonder if one of the steps could be missed somehow? I will test again on our system and I’ll let you know if I find this stopped working. Sorry for the problem.

I have the same problem. In all honesty, this is paid software and as a non-technical user, I do not appreciate having to search forums (after I even found out Glasswire is the problem … I lost hours of my life trying to troubleshoot before I did) and trying fixes. Glasswire does not even bother to report it’s blocking internet access.

I do not know of any free or paid firewall on the market that blocks your internet access when you use VPN.

If there are two threads about this problem, why did Glasswire not fix it?

Ken, I purchased two days ago. Can I get a refund? It’s only day two and this is my second major problem.

PS: The fix does not work. I will take NordVPN over Glasswire any time of the day.


GlassWire blocks nothing.
NordVPN does not like nslookups for some reason so it stops working. No idea why…

The fix is above. If you have questions about your order it’s not safe to post your info in a public forum. You can email us here

GlassWire works great with all VPN software, but with Nord it does not like nslookups for some reason, at least that’s what it looks like from our end and since the nslookup change fixes the problem then that’s the only reason we can figure out why this happens.

We would never intentionally block any apps or any VPN for any reason, and we don’t do that.

One other thing…

I want to be clear that when this problem first showed up our team spent many weeks trying to figure out why this issue happened only with Nord and no other software/network that we know of.

Then after we finally figured out it was related to nslookups we made a special build of our software just for Nord customers, and we made this special fix.

We have not seen any other VPN or any other network, or service that stops working due to multiple nslookups besides with Nord.

We care very much about this issue and we spent major time putting together a fix. Saying that we block Nord is false. We don’t just randomly block things and we would never do that.

Nord is a cool VPN and we would never block them, and we don’t.

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