Norton Disabled Firewall functionality of Glasswire

Norton has its own Firewall, but I love Glasswire’s firewall more, its very easy to use.
So, is there any way to regain controll over Firewall.


I think Norton may have a version that doesn’t interfere with the Windows Firewall and GlassWire. If I remember correctly NAV (Anti Virus) doesn’t disable Windows Firewall while NIS (Internet Security) does.

For anyone still using Norton, I was trying to get their Norton Internet Security product to work with Glasswire (it doesn’t no matter how many settings you turn off):confused:

Like Ken said is to install their AntiVirus only version. When downloading Norton, if you have a Norton Internet Security (NIS) license or higher, they won’t let you choose to download a lower version.

The trick instead is to download the offline version of Norton AntiVirus which I found the link to be here - norton (dot) com/latestnav - and after installing sign into your Norton account and it will still activate it.

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Thanks for posting this info, it’s very helpful.

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