Not monitoring all of the programs

I have “Free download Manager” and have downloaded a lot of data using it but Glasswire is not monitoring its usage and its not even in “Apps” in Glasswire usage tab.

Could you try restarting your PC?

GlassWire’s installer window warns that you must reboot your PC to pick up all new network connections, but we don’t force a reboot.

Still not picking up all new networks. After restarting.

Another customer had a similar problem and found the application was actually just kind of a plugin with his browser, so the data was actually flowing through the browser. Could that be the case with you?

Maybe email us some screenshots if you think that’s wrong.

I’d like to see what all his happening under Graph/Apps when you’re using the “Free Download Manager” and you can usually see what app/browser the data is flowing through.

We use the same API Windows itself uses to see traffic so it’s not like we can really just miss a random program and not see it. That’s not how GlassWire works and it’s not really possible for it to miss stuff. Thanks.

If you go here you’ll see that this software is just a shell for your browser. It integrates with any browser, in your case it’s Chrome. All your data is going through Chrome so GlassWire is correct.

But I have downloaded more than 7 GB data this month and its not monitered.

No reply? Please reply.

Did you download the data from that PC, or from a different device?

We use a Windows API to monitor data usage and it’s very accurate and correct. As mentioned above the app you are using just uses your browser to download, so what GlassWire is showing is correct. Perhaps you are mistaken, or perhaps GlassWire was installed after you downloaded all the data?

No Glasswire was installed when I downloaded that data both this month and on the previous month. And I have downloaded data using this computer.
Even if its an app which uses browser to download the data, why glasswire is not monitering it?


GlassWire is monitoring it, that’s why you show major data from Chrome. We tested that app ourselves and found all the data was sent through the browser we used and it counted correctly.

Here is a test you can do on how to see if GlassWire counts properly.

I have downloaded a lot more than 3 GB data today and it was`t monitored then I uninstalled Glasswire and installed it again and its still not working (Glasswire 3.png shows it) (Glasswire 1 and 2 are before uninstalling).
The last one is after reinstalling.


Please confirm the steps to recreate this and I will try. For example:

  1. Install X app (please include version number) from X website.

  2. Download X file with the app we installed. What should we download exactly to recreate this?

  3. Check GlassWire X window, or tell us how we see GlassWire counts no data and let us know what you should be seeing instead.