Not relying on google services


I’m sure that I’m goign to ask you a lot but we need to put some perspective on that.
You are developping a UI for the embedded OS firewall wether it’s android or windows. So it’s all about security. Don’t you think that relying on android services is a bit contradictory? Counterproductive? ineffcient?

I understand that you have implemented the paid version as easy as possible for the user. But with all we know now whether it’s about google, facebook or other GAFAM, maybe it could be nice to implement it in another way than relying on google services? Like for example by opening an embedded browser frame into the upgrade tab so that you can log in with your google account → check the list of paid apps/ subscriptions → keep a session cookie that validate the upgrade?

Like that you could get rid of google api and even put your app in f-droid?
I’ve just installed divestOS on my android phone and it’s impossible to upgrade since I did go through aurora store and the point of divestOs is to completely degooglised your phone, but I still have a subscription paid every year for glasswire android but because of your system it can’t detect it and put me error.
So could you think about it?

Thanks for your feedback on considering making versions of GlassWire for Android outside Google Play.

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yup, and I know that f-droid would not be available to you but at least an apk with the gpg signature the sha checksum with the google services ripped off the apk