Not seeing Smart TV traffic in Glasswire

I’m probably being dumb (I’ve searched around but find nothing useful in help). I currently have two Samsung TVs hardwired into my network that show up under the Things tab. The problem I have is that when I run an app on that device I’m not seeing that on Glasswire.

Am I missing a setting or is this being lumped in with Google Chrome traffic under Usage>>Apps and I need to break it out somehow?

Any help on this would be huge.


Are these Android devices? Do you have our Google Play Android app installed there on those Smart TVs?

Unfortunately GlassWire cannot track your entire network because that would mean it would need to interface with your router.

However many people world-wide use GlassWire to stay under their ISP and mobile data limits. The reason people use GlassWire to stay under their data limits is because in most cases PCs are responsible for data overages and GlassWire can show you in detail what apps/hosts are responsible for using your data. You can then block those apps with our firewall, or just uninstall them.

And as you posted, we also have an Android app that also focuses on data usage, and can show Android device data usage for WiFi and mobile.

GlassWire also has a “Things” list that shows all the IOT (Things) on your network. It can alert you when a new unknown device joins and starts wasting your data.

Please let me know if my answers helps you or not so I can get your issue solved. Thanks!

Sorry that really didn’t answer anything. The newer generation Samsung TVs run their own app store without Google Play (for Apps) so you cant install your app. Both TVs are listed so you can confirm that.

  • Samsung UN49RU8000FXZA
  • Samsung QN82Q6

So Glasswire has no way of logging the MAC/IP address of those devices and monitoring in/out traffic?

GlassWire should show the Mac/IP addresses of both of those devices under “Things” on Windows.

But GlassWire won’t show the in/out traffic of those TVs because it would require we interface with your router or modem and we don’t do that yet. There is no clear reliable standard for router/modem interfacing that I know of yet.