Notes for IP addresses

Suggest new features and other improvements for GlassWire.

Windows/Desktop Edition

First off, great job it looks wonderful so far. I got Elite edition and I’m not sad that I did. I think there are some more features though that could really draw people into or higher into the paid editions. Here are a few:

The ability to do the following in the Firewall window:

  • Add notes for firewall (why did I block or unblock this app?)

  • Date/time that app was blocked or unblocked (I guess at least the last change)

  • alternate view that shows by host instead of app

  • allow blocking by host/IP

The ability to do the following in the Usage window:

Tag the following with notes:

  • IP addresses/hosts that apps/processes are connecting to

  • Apps/processes

  • add a button similar to the Virus Scan button visible in the Apps hover window to the hosts hover window to perform an IP lookup to find the IP owner. Add a button that will auto add that info to the note.

  • For the 2 columns, apps and hosts, allow searching and sorting by name maybe date idk.

  • click an app and see every host it ever connected to with dates, etc

The ability to do the following in the Network window

  • Firewall block a device

Add an option in settings to auto virus scan apps upon first activity.

Sorry for any redundancy or for overstepping


Thanks so much for upgrading and thanks for your feedback. We’re working on some of these features for our 2.0 version.

We are also working on host blocking, but we plan to make other improvements first. When we add host blocking we want to be sure we do it in a way that’s easy to use, and we’re finding it’s hard to make host blocking easy.


Still love this firewall!!! Looking to see if we’re going to see a search function in the “firewall” pane, allowing us to search and filter based on process/filename to block and unblock. I found this post from 4 years ago, which still seems somewhat timeless. Can we get some of these implemented, especially search/filter ability.

Also the ability to filter through the Alerts and Firewall screens.

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Thanks for your kind words and sorry for any confusion about the firewall search.

GlassWire has had an instant search area on the firewall since June of 2019. Please see directly above.

I’ll share the extra feedback with our team! Thanks for reminding of us these ideas.

Thanks! In the dark mode on my screen, the magnifying glass is hardly visible. Missed it every time!



I will share this with our team and we’ll consider moving the search icon or making it more noticeable. Thanks for your feedback.