Notifications On TOP and "remember setting"

New to glasswire. I’ve used ZA for many many years, but it was using way too much memory, around 90% of what was being used. Glasswire uses much less and while different seems to be a cleaner UI.

I searched but did not find any answers on this and it may just be how I use it. I’m not an IT person and so often I am not sure whether to allow or not allow an app to access the internet. I look up the .exe when I have time but do not always have time.
ZA had a “remember setting” option on each alert. It allowed me to deny to see what happened without having to remember what program did and used what and change from deny to allow. Currently I have 10 alerts up for programs I’m not sure of and am waiting to see if anything breaks if I do not allow. Is there a way to have the notifications not be “on top” of the windows stack. I realize that in general you would want to this to ensure you saw the notification, but without the “remember setting” option I’ve left them up and they interfere with other windows.



Thanks for using GlassWire. Unfortunately our alerts will appear over all others, but you can go to our top left menu and choose “snooze” to not have any for awhile. Or you can go to our top left menu and choose settings/security, and you can choose exactly which notifications you want to see and when.

I hope this helps solve the issue.

Does snooze just remove the settings from the screen and they come back after …24 hours I think? Or does it turn off any protection and firewall function?
There are programs that they do not show up on top of. Although I don’t know why.


Snooze doesn’t remove any protection of any kind, it just stops showing notifications for a certain amount of time.

If you want to disable notifications go to the top left menu and choose “settings” then uncheck “enable tray notifications”.

Ok that sounds like what I want.


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