'notify me' for each internet request attempt, if app/service related/needed is already blocked

i have many apps in blocked state, but when i tried to use few other apps - it almost directly give some error as ‘app doesn’t work due tom some error’ [ especially with many windows apps ]

so if there is a way to see, when i launch any specific app, any already block app/service is trying to connect to internet - so i could understand that service needs access to internet for this app to work

is this kind of feature already available within glasswire ?

Hi @mfap,
If an application is listed in GlassWire, than that application has network activity.
If blocked, it will not be able to function properly.

the general logic seems to be working fine;

  1. but when it comes to win apps, especially in my case, i have set ‘ms store to allow’
  2. but blocked all windows services, so when i start ms store, it says, something broken / no internet connection, even though it’s allowed in glasswire firewall
  3. so as per my suggestion, if the app gives a hit like when i open ms store, some other x number of services trying t connect to internet, i know those are relevant & i may need to allow them to internet for ms store to work properly !
  4. again this issues is only with windows app, 3rd party apps, works by allowing / blocking the app name

Hi @mfap, you say you blocked ALL windows services and this might be the reason for the issue, because Windows Store uses svchost.exe to download apps from the Store.
So I guess, you should try to unblock “Host process for windows services”.
Let me know if this does the trick.