Once off payment?

I’d be interested in buying Glasswire Pro, but not on a subscription basis. Any plans for a once off purchase?

We are considering changing it to a one time payment sometime as a test, probably in the next 30 days.

I too would be interested in that as I dont keep any bank details on my PC but use bank transfer . I have already done that with a New Zealand company who own Mailwasher Pro (email service ) I have a lifetime contract.

I think our order page already accepts bank transfer. We do not charge you more than one time.

So if I wanted it for 1 PC on a one time payment how much would it be ?. I also would like to know when you were adding your own firewall rather than Windows as I have removed/disabled it.

It would cost $49 for the basic version, the same as it is now. Currently we have no plans to build our own firewall.

The order pages were updated last night. We will have one payment per software version and there is only one charge per software version. Currently we have no plans to create an upgraded version and charge for any new versions.

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So, does that mean this is a one-time, no further charges price for the basic version? I just don’t want to get stuck paying a monthly fee or a yearly fee. Your web site is really not clear about the frequency you charge for your products.

It’s a one time fee. We can’t charge you more than one time.

Thank you. I’ll be signing up very soon.

Thanks so much for your support!

Is it still a lifetime fee with discount code ?

GlassWire 1.0 is a one time charge under all circumstances.

Hi, has something changed since 2015? I see this when I go to "“buy”. Seems like a yearly thing still. Sub seems inappropriate for software that stays the same, not like AV software and virus definitions. I’ll buy if it’s a one time price.


GlassWire 2.0 is a subscription now, but all 1.0 one time fee buyers get a free upgrade.

I sent you a private message on Discourse with more details. Click your icon at the top right of the page to read it.

I would like to voice my interest in a one-time purchase as well, the current prices are much too steep for a yearly subscription for only incremental updates.