Online Armor, GW, & HIPS (+mobile?)

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|- got it, you have mobile, still, will there be any answer as to the dynamics of it? I.E. HIPS, etc. -|
!End amendment.

I was in a coma (literally), but I’m catching up on time lost. I loved how reliable, informative, inexpensive, immersive, fast, etc OA was =( I hosted wifi with it for many Droid/android/Apple/Sony etc, while also hosting a private server (HLC) & Never had a breech, (Not even at defcon in Las Vegas).

Glassware… My ears perked, is there any (If not glasswire then), firewall for AOSP flagship Android’s? I still cannot find anything (besides Zimperium), that is actually a firewall by definition, and or even has host intrusion protection.

These Android’s, started at over a thousand $ so paying for a reliable firewall even ballpark price at $80↑↓, for product xyz w/other complimentary ×months of service, and yearly $20↑↓ would be well worth it. Any one point me in The right direction?

Samsung Factory Direct Galaxy Note 8 (Snapdragon, Linux SE, & Dex)
Thanks for your time (apologies if this posting is not correct, I’m still recovering/trying hard as I can)

If answers become of this, please include setup process (step 1,2,3, etc), reference, and if Shadowsocks, also basic steps.

If none of above, recommendation for an android firewall that infact DOES work with device setting(s): Connections/More/VPN;
“Product” configured: Always On✓. Force All connections through VPN✓.


You can get GlassWire for your phone here:

Or just search “GlassWire” (with an “i” for wire) in Google Play from your phone. Or visit from your phone.

Thanks for your feedback! Our app is new, but we hope to add more features in the future.

Thank you for your quick reply! Before I implement (if I do), on device I use for projects, I will try it out on a dedicated device, so as to work out any quarks, and be able to collaborate accurately with folks here while, getting my feet wet so to speak. I’m looking forward kindto being impressed, lol. Being it will be on another device, dedicated to it, and can shoot out debug without 3rd party interference, is there a beta forum where as a tad bit of privacy is made by redacted personal info for developers to add to their :face_with_monocle:
notes excluding the rest of the world? :shushing_face: Thanks again for your time, Ken.

The topic that led me here, with high hope, had me very anxiously awaiting for a Emsi software gmbh OnlineArmor reproduction as I was led here via Google search:
“Host Intrusion Protection Service”, “Android”, APK.

If Glasswire is to compliment the world of android with what Emsi Software OA once did for Microsoft Windows users, then I will invest time, effort, and money into it. That said…

This application needs a lot of work so come on everybody let’s help the developers!

Options that will encourage users to keep and to promote, are not present.

Settings Firewall: ROOT (or, 0), Google Backup Transport, Google Services Framework, Android System, AASA Service, ANT+HAL, Application Installer, BBCAgent, Bootagent, MTPApplication, Settings (, Settings (…

I’m not wasting any more time, I believe my point is illustrated.

  • Represents the I/O IP group for each service and the group it belongs to, for which if a rule is defined with a chosen service, all services in that group would be changed by automation so the system works correctly.

NEEDS Netstat (varient/clone) Color coded, grey, indicates a service, module, or combination, of onboard device or remote that triggered a communication, Light lime green, indicates if connection is established, forest green, the connection has packets in transit, what protocol is in use, the format of the data, where the data is being sent, option to follow data if possible, options to freeze services, actions, and or not freeze actions but redirect or blacklist the destination DNS, URL, APP, Protocol to etc.

NOTE to Glasswire team, I believe what made and still shall make a loyal consumer following that Emsi Software had abandoned is:

For all Fields being displayed in firewall suit, there is an option to expand any chosen object with a custom set of rules and offer a customized user option as well in which user has
already or can make settings/rules for.

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