Only 3 months worth of Data?

I wanted to know all my internet data since I installed this app. I only see the last 3 months of it.


For Windows or Android?

Android shows all the data since your phone accessed the network, even before GlassWire was installed. It should go back more than 3 months if you used your phone more than 3 months.

For Windows you need GlassWire Basic for a 6 month history (any more than 30 days).

Last August, I was able to see the May wifi/mobile data. Now it’s September, I can only see from June to today, May data is gone. Idk but is it my phone?

Even if i choosw custom, i can only go as far as june.


If you go to your phone settings and look at your data usage, does it only show the same amount of data? If so yes it’s your phone.

If not I recommend uninstalling our app, restarting your phone, then reinstalling. Maybe we temporarily lost our required permissions to read the data.

Please let me know if you are able to solve it or not.