Only subscription?

Do you have standalone license or lifetime license ?
I dont like subscription but I have already some idea intellij Subscription, Photoshop Subscription, Zbrush Subscription, and Anti-Virus license 1 year. I cannot afford 5th subscription It is defently to much for me. Will you add maybe pay once use 4ever option??
Im not a millionar


Thanks for your feedback. GlassWire is only a subscription.

Why is GlassWire a subscription?

GlassWire is an ad-free and tracking-free app, so we rely on our customers to fund our work (please check our privacy policy for details). We are grateful to supporters who purchase our software and allow us to keep working on this project!

Thank you!

Some other types of software charge “upgrade fees” between versions of their apps. If you purchase that type of software they usually say their software is a one-time fee, but unfortunately they almost always charge for upgrades and these upgrades can be more costly than subscriptions. With GlassWire we sell a yearly subscription so you can continue to get free feature upgrades all the time as we update our software. As long as you are a GlassWIre subscriber you will never get an upgrade fee, or be unable to download a GlassWire upgrade.

Your financial support allows us to continue working on GlassWire and create GlassWire for other operating systems like Mac, Linux, etc… Thanks for your support so we can continue working on this project to help people protect their data and privacy. We could not work on GlassWire without our loyal customers.