Only track bandwidth in certain time window

Is it possible to only track the bandwidth usage between a certain time window? For example between 7 am and 4 pm? I don’t seem to find this option, but maybe I’m looking over it. The only thing I can do is look at daily graph and then slide the bar between those times, but isn’t there an easier way? Because now it only notifies me if I am over my ‘limit’ while the limit only is between a certain time window, and not the full 24 hours


Are you talking about our Windows or our Android app? Unfortunately we can’t do what you want exactly, but you can get a general idea of the usage by using our graph screen.

For Android, you can go to our “Graph” screen, then choose “1 Day” at the top left menu. Now look below the graph and you can see the data usage in relation to the time of day. You can then see below the graph the list of apps that used the most data in that “1 Day” time period.

For Windows, you can go to our “Graph” screen and see something similar to Android. Then you can click the graph and see the details of what apps/hosts were responsible for the data usage in that time period.

In the future perhaps we can add an hourly option for usage that can allow you to break down traffic as you suggest. That’s a great idea and thanks for your feedback.

We also plan to make a future update show the exact details of what apps were associated with the data usage as related to your plan.

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