Out of domain connection

I just noticed GW reporting a weird data transfer to a out of context ip.
Ie, my localnet has a netmask of and gateway 192.168.xxx.254 and GW detects around 300k sent and 150k incoming to/from 192.168.yyy.255 (yyy are two different octets). ping to these ip of course is failure. GW reports NetBios service started by System, why-who-how is trying to find a network and receives data? Confused me…

I also notice that Glasswire logs traffic to a non-existent local host

Pinging times out because it represents broadcast traffic.

In traffic it is categorised as “Other”. It would be more obvious what it was if it was in an explanatory category such as “Local broadcast” or “Subnet broadcast” or similar.

@remah What version of GlassWire are you using? Is it the unreleased test version or another?


Apologies, I should have said in my post.

@Remah That is a broadcast address. Some apps may send broadcast messages in some cases. Check out these sites/links to learn more.

I explained that it is broadcast traffic.

It would be worthwhile for GlassWire to identify this as such instead of categorizing it as “Other”. This will stop users trying to identify an actual device with that IP address.

GlassWire could also identify the misconfiguration where a device is actually assigned a broadcast address.

Thank you for your feedback. We have plans to give info about all major default types of addresses and list them in the future in the software, it’s on our todo list.