Paying for a free version of glasswire

Hi I have paid to use Glasswire, but it is still showing Free on the top left of the window? I have deleted and reinstalled glaswire but still have the problem.

Hello RealSam, I think it might be because your free full version has to run out before your paid version kicks in. @Katie_GlassWire might can tell you more about it. :grinning:

There have been a few topics recently that probably can help you as im guessing its the exact same issue.
Just follow the above link in my message.

Hi @RealSam,

The license are cloud based so you must ensure that you app is logged into your cloud account. When logged in, the Premium should be automatically fetched from the cloud. If it is not there are two possible reasons; 1 - that you have more than one account, and the account you have signed into does not have any Premium licenses; 2 - that you have multiple endpoints , and one of them already has the license. In this case go to your Management Console and head to the Endpoints page, if you see multiple endpoints, delete the one with the Premium license and upgrade the remaining one.

Let me know how you get on.