Glasswire reverted to "free"

After installing the latest update my premium version reverted to free. I went to my management console and deleted the free endpoint but cannot select the premium endpoint. What do I do?

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If you only have 1 endpoint left, it should automatically switch to premium by default

It doesn’t. The dot on the left is greyed out so I can;t select it and it says that the app is offline.

Hi @sandyH

Installing the latest update duplicates the GlassWire endpoints. As you have already mentioned, you noticed this in the Management Console and you deleted the “free” one. In fact you need to delete the “Premium” one, this is the original endpoint and currently obtains the Premium endpoint. Delete this one, and then go to the GlassWire app and sign in. Now that the original endpoint has been deleted the Premium is free and the new one will fetch it upon sign up.



Thank you Katie, problem solved !