PIA VPN GlassWire Member Discount Offer

Just wondering if they (PIA) are still accepting WalMart gift cards as a means of payment? I know they used to.
That’s how I used to buy their yearly subscriptions, $50 gift card for a yearly PIA subscription.
I no longer see that option on their site? Does anyone have more info about this?


No idea. I found this https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/gift-card-payment

Well yeah, thanks for your reply but apparently this GlassWire member discount for purchasing PIA VPN subscription does not work with WalMart gift cards. I already purchased a 1 yr subscription with a $50 gift card but there is no way to apply that GW coupon/discount when paying with a gift card. If I come across as confusing then please, I challenge anyone to attempt to do this: click on that PIA VPN discount link from the GW forum page where it’s offered and try to pay with a gift card and then you may understand what I mean. It’s no big deal because I am good now, but just to clear this up. Thanks.

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