Pid and service name

in “Ask to connect” window (and maybe other windows) there is only process name and remote address, which may make it difficult to find exact application/service

for instance, “svchost.exe”, many applications use it to connect to internet, so there would be many svchost in process list, with pid and service name, I can easily find out what application is trying to connect to internet.


Please click on the icon of the app, or the “info” link and it has all the details of the executable.

You can also check it with VirusTotal if you go to our top left menu and choose “settings” then “virustotal” to turn on this free feature.

Why is this feature not always visible ?

If it were, it would be a service to a number of GW users

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Thanks for your feedback on making the info more visible in “ask to connect”.

It would be nice if this was done on all windows where this feature is available.