Please Add: "Blacklist" to Firewall Tab Options

Every time that I let Windows Update it generates a whole slew of new Apps such as Pingsender that even after being removed from the firewall list, just keep automatically reinstalling themselves! If I’m paying attention to the Alerts msgs I will see the “First Network Activity” warning come in and I can go back into the Firewall tab and again delete that same App, but sometimes this happens multiple times in a single session. Can you guys create a third option besides blocking an App by clicking the ‘flame’ or removing it (temporarily) with the ‘x’? Can you create a Blacklist option that will automatically re-remove it every time it tries to reinstall itself?

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It shouldn’t be called a blacklist. That should be the default behavior.

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What version are you running?


We did have a previous version of GlassWire 2.0 that had an issue that caused our “Ask to connect” mode to not work correctly. I wonder if that could be happening to you?

If so (and if you don’t mind losing your history/settings) you may want to try uninstalling GlassWire in add/remove programs, rebooting, then reinstalling using GlassWire’s clean install, and firewall reset options.